2011 Contest: Comics!

Studying comics can often be a critical part of learning the French language. Comics provide an excellent way to learn French through humor, images, and French grammar. Furthermore, comics can also help familiarize students with different social and cultural aspects of France.

Through this 2011 Contest, offered by the Consulate of France in Boston, French teachers have the opportunity to incorporate comics into their classrooms.

How does it work?

For this contest, students must create a comic book! It is open to all students studying French in Middle and High schools in the following states: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.

The DVD BD Mix, created by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, will be used in this competition. This DVD contains:

- A DVD in French with subtitles in multiple language including with well-known French cartoonists. Extracts from the TV5 archive will also be presented.

- An educational booklet with information on the authors presented in the DVD. This is available both through the DVD and online here.

The interviews provide an excellent starting point for class discussion on the different ways to work on comics. Teachers who do not already have the DVD BD Mix can receive it free of charge from the Consulate General of France.

PDF - 239.8 kb
(PDF - 239.8 kb)

Click the document, to view the flyer describing the contest and the various subjects available to students.

Prizes will include DVDs, books, and maybe comic books!

To register, please contact Guillaume Prigent at
Please specify the institution where you teach.

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