A Network for Francophiles: Boston in French

JPEGBoston in French is a new social network that’s free, easy to access, and innovative! Intended for French citizens, Francophones and Francophiles living in Boston, Boston in French is a community oriented website with a goal of connecting all those who love the French culture and language.

Join today, create a profile and begin sharing your love of French culture and language with others in the Boston area. You can contribute to debates and discussions on the French culture and language and you can get in touch with Francophones, Francophiles, and French people in New England. You can create new interactive groups, announce your own events and add photos or videos!

You will find discussion groups and forums on education, food, employment opportunities, meetings between Francophiles and Francophones and much more.

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Last modified on 04/11/2011

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