Amazing pedagogical resources for French teachers for free by Pierre-Yves ROUX

Integrating Contemporary French and Francophone Culture in the Classroom

Teaching French may be one of the most challenging educational jobs out there! Gratefully, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US proposes many excellent resources for French teachers, all designed on how to integrate contemporary French and francophone culture in the classroom. You will find here an incredible collection of tools and resources for teaching French, including power points presentations, activities, and videos, along with many teaching tips for all levels from K to 12. Most activities and presentations can be adapted all the way up to the level, age and interests of your students.

Check out this list of great resources prepared by Pierre-Yves ROUX, a specialist of French language acquisition at the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) in Paris. As he best says “We cannot imagine teaching and learning a foreign language without bringing a particular focus to the associated culture, ensuring that our methods are integrated with the real culture at hand”.

Take advantage of the countless pedagogical materials available now for free and for all French teachers with wonderful teaching ideas, quizzes, fun games, supplemented with videos for numerous different unit lessons.

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Last modified on 02/05/2019

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