additional forms

Besides the requested supporting documents for your application you might need :

If you are applying for a Long stay (more than 6 months) Visa :

PDF - 78.3 kb
Formulaire OFII eng
(PDF - 78.3 kb)

If you are applying for a Long stay student visa (regardless of the duration):

Word - 44.5 kb
Financial Guarantee for students
(Word - 44.5 kb)

If you chose to have you passport shipped back to you and provided that a self adressed envelope is supplied (NB : you must be the Sender AND the recipient):

PDF - 6.3 kb
(PDF - 6.3 kb)

If you intend to apply for a Professional long stay visa, Most of the needed CERFA forms are downloadable here

Last modified on 26/12/2017

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