Documentaries on Climate Change

Leading up to the 21st Climate Conference, in Paris in 2015, the French Embassy in the United States decided to provide French teachers with a list of French documentaries on climate change.
The following two offers are available:

The French-German channel ARTE offers a wide variety of 15 documentaries. Among them, 8 were already in the ARTE Docs USA offer.
As for the remaining documentaries, fares and screening conditions have to be negotiated with Anne Voirin (contact in the document below).

To watch the movies online, you have to register on the ARTE platform. Please find below a table with all the information regarding this offer.

Excel - 26.5 kb
ARTE’s offer
(Excel - 26.5 kb)

The French Embassy also partners with Terranoa, which distributes a number of documentaries to the United States. In this document below, you’ll find a list of proposed documentaries and all the technical information is on the last page of the document.

PDF - 595.9 kb
Terranoa’s offer
(PDF - 595.9 kb)

Video Clips Created by the Minister of Foreign Affairs

A wide range of DVD and CD clips created by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the CAVILAM are available to use in French classrooms. These can be used to help students discover France and the francophone world through movie and music clips.
A list of DVD titles are available on the CAVILAM website and they touch on various themes from Africa to advertising, comics, fables by La Fontaine and even slam poetry.
Teaching guides accompany all educational videos and can be downloaded for free on the website.
To request a guide, please contact
the Education Coordinator for our region, Samantha André.

Other Short Clips offers educational videos for teachers. This website has more than 1200 video clips covering six subjects (history, geography, social sciences, natural sciences, languages, and art) designed for three different levels (elementary, middle, and high school). Each clip is accompanied by a complete teaching document. These resources are only available with a subscription. The cost of the subscription is calculated according to the number of students belonging to the institution.

The National Audiovisual Institute (INA, Institut National de l’Audiovisuel) has a free website with a database of hundreds of video extracts from French television archives. The site is easy to navigate with videos organized by interest area (sports, politics, art and culture, publicity, economy, etc.) and also by particular topics and games.

Television Channels

To watch TV in French, click here.

These are the major French television channels:

TV5 Monde

The programs broadcasted on TV5 Monde are rich, very diverse and can be used as interesting classroom topics.
The website puts together services and resources for teachers so they can use TV5 Monde clips in classrooms.

Première Classe, a website of TV5 Monde, founded in collaboration with the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), contains resources for learning French with excerpts from TV5 Monde

?«Curiosphère TV »

The television channel France 5 created ?«Curiosphère TV », which provides educational pages for teachers, students and parents, video selections organized by theme, as well as a selection of blogs on many subjects related to education and teaching.

The French Cultural Center of Boston’s Media Library

The media library from the French Cultural Center of Boston offers its members a selection of French films and videos to show in class, plus CDs of French music and education. To become a member, visit their website.
The French Cultural Center is thrilled to announce the first ever francophone e-Library in the United States, available to residents of New England! They have hand-picked a collection of 500 e-Books and e-Audiobooks which span a range of genres for all levels of French readers. For more information click here


Radio France Internationale (RFI)

RFI’s ?«French language » tab provides linguistic and cultural resources for reading, listening and learning in French.
Here you will find, among other resources, an easy-to-read French newspaper and a radio show available for download. This site is a very accessible way to learn the French language through listening to the news.
Listening exercises are also available which can help students perfect both oral comprehension and their knowledge of French culture.

Other French radio stations online

Here are a list of French radio stations available online:

Canal Académie

Canal Académie is a francophone online radio station run by l’Académie Française that airs numerous academic shows on subjects such as literature, law, economy, religion and languages.
The ?«espace apprendre » on the site was created in collaboration with the CAVILAM and provides teaching notes from audio files of broadcasts.

The show French Toast on WMBR

Every Monday from 6am to 8am WMBR (88.1FM) broadcasts the show French Toast, hosted by Yves Dehnel and Brian Thompson. The program includes Francophone songs from all generations, as well as interviews and reports on francophone culture.

Le Hall de la chanson

Le Hall de la chanson is a site presented by the National Heritage Center for Songs, Varieties, and Modern Music (?«Centre National du Patrimoine de la Chanson, des Variétés et des Musiques actuelles »). Different programs are available including the program ?«Chanter la mer » which allows one to browse 93 well-known French songs, from Brel to Têtes Raides, in order to discover the history of these composers and listen online to musical extracts. Sheet music and songs may also be downloaded from this site.

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