Bow 1515 brings $27600 to a non-profit in Providence!

On October 13th, a very precious bow made by French world-known bow-maker Benoit Rolland was sold $27 600 during an auction to benefit a non-profit organization based in Providence, RI, which brings classical music to the children of Providence’s neighborhoods! Read more about this wonderful donation here!

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There is a unique story behind the making of “Bow 1515”!
It is the twin bow of the one created by Benoit Rolland when he reached his 1500th bow. To honor this very important milestone in his career, Benoit Rolland decided at the time to create a particularly precious gold mounted bow with an engraved signature. Its frog is ornamented with mother-of-pearl and a gold inlay designed by Christine Arveil and diamond eyes on both sides.

But soon after this incredible “tour de force” of carving diamonds into ebony wood, the 2015 Paris attacks happened… Benoit Rolland immediately knew he wanted to do something to express his compassion and help the youths out there. Being a musician himself, it had to be linked to music and to promoting peace around the world, so what better gesture and symbol than helping a non-profit based in one of the most diverse and underserved neighborhoods?

That’s when he decided to replicate his “tour de force” one more time! “Bow 1515”, the twin bow of “Bow 1500” was born! Benoit Rolland gave it to the benefit of Community MusicWorks, a non-profit the French bow maker has been supporting for a very long time.

Watch this video to discover this very unique piece of art!


Founded in 1997 by Sebastian Ruth with the conviction that musicians can have meaningful careers that unite artistry and public service, Community MusicWorks builds long-term learning and mentoring relationships between professional musicians, children, and families in the most diverse and underserved neighborhoods of Providence, Rhode Island.

Today, Community MusicWorks is a thriving organization with eight resident musicians, four Fellows who participate in a rotating Fellowship program, and more than 130 students. Resident musicians and Fellows teach instrument lessons at no cost to children in the west and south sides of Providence, and perform in a robust concert series throughout Providence and the surrounding communities.

Sebastian Ruth is a violist and violinist, and graduated from Brown University. He also teaches music and social action at Brown University and Yale. He was awarded the very prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellow Grant for “creating rewarding musical experiences for often-forgotten populations and forging a new, multifaceted role beyond the concert hall for the twenty-first-century musician.” In 2010, he also received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from First Lady Michelle Obama.

The $27 600 gained from the auction sale of Benoit Rolland’s “bow 1515” will entirely benefit Community MusicWorks. It will help the foundation pursuing its goal of giving access to high quality music education to young people living in areas where classical music rarely enters. As Benoit Rolland explains: “to embrace life and engage in music is a potent antidote to violence. My donation is meant to encourage perseverance, artistic dedication and music sharing”.

Visit Community MusicWorks’ website:

Last modified on 14/10/2016

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