Café des Sciences #80


On January 18th, a Café des Sciences is organized by the Délégation du Québec in Boston from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Where: WeWork South Station, 745 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02111, USA

The presentation will be accompanied by refreshments and followed by a networking event.
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In the past, physicians treated and monitored symptoms based on family history, behavior and environment to develop atreatment plan, and appropriate clinical management. With today’s technology, we know a lot more about how DNA affects the body and health. We know more about the genes that cause diseases, as well as how they provoke it.

However, even today in Canada, there are 10,000 deaths per year from medication side effects and 210,000 hospitalizations. This represents a $ 3 billion cost to the health system. In the United States, these figures are 10 times higher. With more than 20,000 scientific articles published per week, integrating new technologies poses a major challenge and the survival of the health system depends on our ability to innovate and adapt.

For many people, following in their parent’s footsteps is an obvious choice for their career. However, for Etienne Crevier, it was both the achievements of his father and his death that convinced him to launch the company BiogeniQ. The young startup wants to bring personalized medicine to patients by offering genetic tests allowing anyone to adapt their lifestyle to their genetic profile.

A few years earlier, Etienne Crevier was a Ph.D. student in genetics at the Université de Montréal and aspired to become a university researcher. Then, his father Dr. Yves Crevier,a physician in the Montreal area, died of cardiac arrest. Etienne decided to go into business and leave research. After starting his MBA, he launched BiogeniQ in August 2013.

Since its founding, BiogeniQ has won several prizes including the most innovative startup in Quebec for 2014 by the Quebec Entrepreneurship Award and in 2016 by the Québec Junior Business Board Network. BiogeniQ also received the award for the most innovative startup in Canada by the SpinMaster Innovation Fund as well as the most innovative company in Life Sciences in 2016 recognized by the Innovations Awards of the ADRIQ-RCTI. Etienne was also the Scientific Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 as well as a finalist for the Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2016 recognized by The Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal and the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

6:00PM: Welcome
6:15PM: Presentation
7:00PM: Q&A
7:15PM: Networking
8:00PM: End

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