Café des Sciences #82 at IBM Watson Health

On April 5th, Café des Sciences #82 is organized by the Consulate General of France in Boston at IBM Watson Health Headquarters.


For the benefit of our French speaking community living around Boston, IBM Watson Health has agreed to open its doors on Wednesday April 5th!

We thank Jérôme Selva, Vice President XaaS Acceleration at IBM Watson for his wonderful and welcoming invitation!

The two exclusive presentations organized that evening will be conducted in English, and for security and space reason, you need to register to one of them before hand.

You have the choice between:

X-Force Command Center : “We are putting you into a simulator that is so realistic that your pulse will race, and you will be stressed, and you will learn how to make critical decisions in a crisis.”


Watson Health Experience : "IBM showcases its latest innovation that usher in a new era of computing: Watson. This intelligent system - able to understand, reason, learn and interact with people - is being used by organizations across the spectrum of health industrues, around the world."

The event is free but you have to register at:

17h45-18h00 : Welcome in the Atrium
18h00-18h15 : Welcome address in the Auditorium
18h15-19h00 : Watson Health Experience or X-Force Command Center
19h00-19h10 : Closing remarks in the Auditorium
19h10-19h55 : Networking and refreshments
19h55-20h00 : Closing

IBM Watson Health
75 Binney street, Cambridge, MA

Last modified on 21/03/2017

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