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What types of degree programs are available to international students?

The French higher education system is composed of 2 types of degrees:

- short degree programs
- long degree programs

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The French system offers a large number of schools with admission procedures that vary from one study institution to another.

International students may enter any level of study after their degree has been accepted by the institution they wish to enroll in.

French universities have study abroad programs in many countries.

Other higher education institutions (Grandes Ecoles, Engineering Schools and Business Schools) also offer international programs.

List of the schools

To find the best program for you, here is a list of French institutions of higher education.

- All schools of French Higher Education
- French universities
- Grandes Ecoles
- Engineering Schools

Find a program that suits you

- The website of ONISEP : discover how to construct your program and find a program that suits you with the search engine.

- The website of CNOUS : to chose your program and get advice about student life in France (housing, health care, food services, paying for your studies, work...).

- The website of Campusfrance with a search engine by area and level of study and detailed information about many different fields (arts, sciences, health...).

Other opportunities to study in France

Exchange Programs in American Universities

Several American universities offer degree programs in France for one year, one semester or one summer.
Go to your international studies office of your school for more information on these degree programs.

You can also find the list of all international programs for American students on the Institute of International Educationwebsite.

Language Programs in French Schools

French universities or private schools offer language programs for foreign students, from beginners to advanced French. You can also earn ECTS credits or education certificates with this training.

You can also find here the list of French language schools which offer French courses for foreign students.

Qualité FLE - JPEG France created in 2007 the Qualité Français Langue Etrangère label . It gives the public and advocates (linguistic coopération stakeholders, educationnal staff and managers, etc.) guarantees about those centres in France which provide high-quality french lessons and welcom services. The label is awarded by an interministerial commission (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Culture and Communication, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs). To find more about accredited centres and the Qualité Français Langue Etrangère label, go to

American International Schools in France

You can consult the Higher Education Directorywebsite to learn more about the American and international schools in France.

Take Higher Education French Lessons From the United States

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American students can also take ’’distance learning’’ courses offered by CNED, certified by the French Education Minister.
CNED offers training in several domains : languages, sciences, arts...

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