Closing September 13th: Van Gogh and Nature at the Clark Art Institute [fr]

(Green Wheat Fields, Auvers . 1890)

The Clark Art Institute, 225 South Street, Williamstown, MA is opening an exhibition centered around Vincent van Gogh’s representation of nature. The Dutch painter’s fascination with the natural world was particularly evident in his work during the last few years of his life, spent in Provence.

In Arles and Saint-Rémy, most notably, Van Gogh painted elemental landscapes in snow, wind, rain, and sunshine, while making incisive images of insects, leaves, and rocks that reflect his knowledge of illustrated natural history publications.

Some forty oil paintings and ten drawings will survey the artist’s developing relationship with his natural surroundings.

The Clark Institute has a large collection of art featuring European and American paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photographs, and decorative arts from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.

For more information of the Van Gogh exhibit, please click here

Last modified on 14/09/2015

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