Congratulations to the FAID €300K Research Grant Winner!


The FAID €300K Research Grant which has been awarded by Mérieux-Alliance to Dr. Frédéric Bienvenu from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Congratulations to Frédéric and his team !

The recipient of the €300K FAID research
grant has just been
awarded by Mérieux-
Alliance to Dr. Frédéric
Bienvenu from the
Department of Cancer Biology at the
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard Medical
Dr. Bienvenu presented his work on
Dec 4, 2009 during the pitching session of our
flagship conference, the French American
Innovation Day.
"Based on transatlantic joint efforts, the team
aims at establishing new breast cancer
signatures of theragnostic value.
Represented by the Dana-Farber Cancer
Institute in Boston and the Norris Cotton
Center in Dartmouth, American researchers are
collaborating with French investigators from
the Functional Genomic Institute / Montpellier
University, supported by French research
institutions CNRS (National Scientific Research
Center) and INSERM (National Health and
Medical Research Institute).
Recently, scientific results led them to the
discovery of an original crosstalk between
transcription regulation and nuclear export
machinery, which has the serious potential to
be a target of clinical relevance. Now with the
partnership initiated by the Institut Mérieux,
their genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics
expertise is growing to the next level to reach
diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic goals.

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