“Diversity and inclusion: French and American perspectives”: a one-day conference at the Harvard Kennedy School


On Saturday February 4th, 8AM-6:40PM.
Harvard Kennedy School
Taubman and Belfer buildings, 15 Eliot street - Cambridge, MA

“Diversity and inclusion: French and American perspectives” is the first student-led symposium on Diversity organized by the HKS Francophile Club and HKS Vice-President of Diversity, with the support of the French Institute, the French Consulate and many other sponsors. This event aims to facilitate best practices sharing and an open dialogue on the French and American models of inclusion by bringing together students, faculty and practitioners from France and the US. Beyond a mere for/against debate comparing two models, the ambition is to establish bridges between two perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion, in order to define a common set of actions to shared issues.

The definition of inclusion selected for this conference is inspired by the American trans-sectorial perspective, and concern all forms of diverse identity (sexual preference, disability, ethnicity, religion, gender…).

A one day format, the symposium will offer discussion panels followed by action-oriented ones. After each discussion panel, the audience will split to attend the action-oriented panel they are the most interested in, given that they will happen simultaneously. Discussion panels will allow speakers to talk more extensively. Action-oriented panels will be more interactive and participative for the audience. They will require the presence of a recording secretary and of a facilitator. They will lead to the drafting of practical answers to the problem considered. The conclusions of the event will be published both in French and in English. They will be available to HKS student body, Diversity Committee, staff and faculty. They will also be shared with the French Community in Boston and politicians in France.

The first “Diversity and inclusion: challenges and solutions. French and American perspectives” symposium is supported by: the Consulate General of France in Boston, The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US, the French Institute - Institut Français - Paris, Education Française Greater Boston, Harvard Kennedy School’s Vice-President for Diversity, the Diversity Committee, the FXB Center for Health & Human Rights, and the Office for Student Diversity and Inclusion.

Hurry up! Registration has started and it is on a first come, first serve basis at: http://www.diversityinclusionsympos...

Badge pick-up (8:00AM-8:45AM) and (1:45PM-2PM)
5th floor of Taubman Building, 15 Eliot Street, Cambridge Cambridge, MA

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