Documents needed when entering France

Verification upon Arrival in France (Schengen Area)

In order to be admitted to the French territory, an alien must be able to present:

  • • A travel document (passport), recognized by French authorities, issued less than 10 years whose validity must extend 3 months beyond the short-stay visa’s expiration date
  • • (upon arrival in France, when passing through the Police checkpoint, if a visa has been placed in your passport by the French consular authority, it must not be damaged, altered, or falsified).
  • • A valid visa corresponding to the reason for and duration of the intended stay (except for visa waivers);
  • • Substantiating documents relating to the stay intended in France and the Schengen area, in accordance with the following table, which is not intended to be exhaustive, as it aims to cover only the most frequent cases:
PURPOSE OF VISIT Supporting documents may be requested by the border police
ALL Supporting documents may be requested by the border police
Repatriation Guarantees covering the costs of returning to your country of habitual residence (maritime, rail, road, or air travel ticket or bank statement)

And, depending on the reason for the stay:

Tourist Trip Any document establishing the purpose and conditions of the stay
Family or Private Visit Proof of Accommodations (accommodations affidavit validated by the mayor of the municipality where the host resides) Exemptions: - Humanitarian trip or forming part of a cultural exchange (the accommodations affidavit may be replaced by an affidavit from the host organization or by an invitation if the organization is accredited) – affidavit exemption by the consular authority (if the stay is justified by an urgent medical reason or by the funeral of a relative)
Business Trip Any document clarifying the traveler’s profession or quality as well as regarding institutions and organizations located on French territory where the traveler is expected
Transit Proof of entry conditions in the country of your final destination (living conditions and accommodations in transit, continuation ticket, and visa for the destination country)


French Residence Permit The following foreign nationals are exempt from presenting substantiating documents
Holders of a valid French residence permit or a travel document issued to minors (travel document for alien minors (DCEM) or Republican identity card (TIR)
Nationality European Union and European Economic Area Member State nationals - Swiss, Andorran, and Monegasque nationals
Visa Endorsements “FRENCH FAMILY&#8221 endorsement

“EU FAMILY” endorsement

“TRAVEL VISA” endorsement

Job (to be established with substantiating documents) Members of diplomatic missions and consular posts, taking up their duties in France

Members of parliamentary assemblies

Foreign Civil Service officials, officers, and agents, bearing a mission letter from their government

Officials of an intergovernmental organization of which France is a member, bearing a mission order from said organization

Crew members of ships and aircraft traveling on-duty

You can find more information on minimum passport validity requirements at the following web pages:

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