Evariste Lefeuvre speaks at Harvard

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From left to right: Antoine Mynard, Scientific Attaché at the French Consulate, Evariste Lefeuvre, Chief Economist at Natixis North America’s Economic Research Department, and Xavier Touret, SVP Risk Management and Internal Audit at Natixis Global Asset Management US
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Evariste Lefeuvre, Chief Economist of Natixis North America’s Economic Research Department in New York, spoke at a special breakfast at the Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

During his presentation, "Growth Potential & Economic Recovery: Comparing Europe and the United States," Mr. Lefeuvre commented on the monetary and fiscal policies that have caused such different growth trajectories in Europe and in the U.S. since the beginning of the recession.

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Guests enjoy a light breakfast during the presentation.

Mr. Lefeuvre discussed the reasoning and impact of such policies, focusing on the role of central banks and resource endowment (especially oil production) as potential ways out of the current economic crisis. He used the opportunity to compare Europe with the United States, commenting on the different roles of the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve, and the difficulty of harmonizing economic policies within the EU.

Following his presentation, Mr. Lefeuvre answered several questions from the public, shedding light on the future of the Eurozone, the role of youth unemployment rates, and the future and potential of oil production in Europe.


Evariste Lefeuvre is the Chief Economist of Natixis North America’s Economic Research Department in New York. His primary mission is to promote Natixis’ economic research to clients in North America. In addition, he leads the research department’s global macro team and manages cross asset research, which includes foreign exchange, fixed-income, commodities and equities market analysis.

Lefeuvre began his career in 1999 at CDC Marchés as an economist specializing in the American economy. In 2003, he was appointed Deputy Head Chief Economist of IXIS CIB. He has been the head of the global macro team within the Economic Research Department at Natixis since 2006.

Evariste Lefeuvre, age 39, is a former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure, agrégé in Economy and Management and a former student of l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris.

He has written several books. The latest are «Sortir de l’Euro, Une idée dangereuse» and «La renaissance américaine».

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This event was generously organized by:

The Francophile Club at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

in partnership with

Consulat Général de France à Boston/ Mission pour la Science et la Technologie
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