FATTE+ (France-USA Technology Transfer Fellowship Exchange Program)

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France-USA Technology Transfer Fellowship Exchange Program

Launched in 2007 by the Scientific Office of the French Embassy in the United States in partnership with AUTM (Association of University Technology Manager), this program is dedicated to foster exchanges of good practices between France and the USA in the field of technology transfer.

This program is aimed at senior managers from universities, research labs who want to improve their competencies and to share their experience in terms of technology transfer. Beneficiaries of the program will be welcomed into a structure which provides them access to an office in the Technology Transfer department for several weeks (up to 3 months) in order to exchange good practices and to work on concrete examples.

Thus managers will have opportunity to develop new skills that they will share within the French community.
The host structure can in return benefit from the experience of a senior manager with a completely different culture of technology transfer management.
At the end of these different missions, a benchmark of French and American practices will be developed and made available to the entire technology transfer community.

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