Francophonie 2016: 3/5 – 7th "Dictée de la Francophonie" [fr]

When was the last time that you put to the test your command of the notoriously treacherous French language? Francophiles, are you eager to see if you have progressed? Francophones, are you afraid that your extended stay in the US diminished your mastery of "la langue de Molière"? To answer these questions, just come to the International School of Boston on March 5, at 2:00 pm, for the annual "Dictée de la Francophonie".


About the event

As part of the Month of the Francophonie, the International School of Boston, under the patronage of the Consul General of France in Boston, and in partnership with Boston Accueil, is organizing the 7th edition of this annuel dictation, or "dictée". This free event, suitable for your whole family, is a fantastic way to test your knowledge of French in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Attendees will have to choose upon subscription between four categories:

  • If you are a Francophone: between junior high (6th to 8th grades), high school (9th to 12th grades) and adults;
  • if you are a Francophile: between high school (9th to 12th grades) and adults.

The three best participants in each category will be awarded a prize (kindles & coupons).

The "Dictée" will be followed by a tea party.

Where: International School of Boston, 45 Matignon Rd, Cambridge, MA 02140
When: March 5, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Register on Boston Accueil website.

Celebrating the Month of the Francophonie

La Francophonie is the vibrant community shared by the 274 million speakers of French across 5 continents. From Africa to the Americas, French is the 5th most spoken language in the world, and the second most learned language after English. With more than 60,000 words, it is a language of international communication used by 80 nations and governments. In the United States, it is estimated that up to 11 million people are Francophone, and 13 million Americans claim French, French-Canadian, or Acadian origin. The majority of Franco-Americans are concentrated in New England, as well as Louisiana. Clearly, French is a rich international language that connects people well beyond the borders of France!


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