French Corner: Boston Accueil (September 2016)

Welcome to the French Corner, the Consulate’s monthly rendez-vous dedicated to the promotion and celebration of France’s rich culture! This month, meet the two representants of Boston Accueil, Françoise Matte and Cécile Penot-Dietrich.

September is the beginning of the new school year and as always, sees the arrival of many new French families in New England!
As part of our monthly French Corner series, the Consulate met for you Boston Accueil’s 2 representants, Françoise Matte (President) and Cecile Penot-Dietrich (Vice-president). This association of French volunteers welcomes anyone interested by French culture and French language, and offers many fun activities and events in French.
To know more, check out our new video and visit Boston Accueil’s website:


French Corner is our monthly rendez-vous where we showcase a French region and introduce you to its highlights and secrets, appeal to your palate and culinary talents with our local recipe of the month and spotlight France’s scientific and educational competitiveness with a spotlight on universities in the region! We use also this opportunity to interview one of our expats currently living in New England.

Last modified on 31/08/2016

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