French Corner: Cannelés de Bordeaux (June 2016)

Welcome to the "French Corner", the Consulate’s monthly rendez-vous dedicated to the promotion of France’s culture and patrimony, in video! This month discover our recipe from Aquitaine: les cannelés de Bordeaux, as prepared by Chef Etienne Jauvin of the Residence of France.

Also known as Cannelés bordelaise are are magical French bakery confections, little fluted cakes with a rich rum and vanilla interior enclosed by a thin caramelized shell.
This brilliant recipe was developed a long ago by an anonymous Bordeaux cook, whose innovation has been subjected to 300 years of refinements. Glossy and dark brown almost black at first sight, bittersweet at first bite, the crunchy burnt sugar shell makes an exquisite contrast to the smooth, sweet filling, fragrant with vanilla and rum.
These little cakes have recently gained popularity after years of neglect, to the extent that they may one day rival the popularity of crème brûlée in the category of caramelized French desserts.
Baked in special tin-lined copper molds, these delicious dessert cakes are often served with Cognac and Wine if you partake of a local degustation!
The copper molds are quite hard to find even in France - if you cannot find them, then these cakes can be made in silicon molds which are quite easy to find.
This recipe makes 12 to 16 cannelés, depending on the size of your molds.

• 1⁄2 liter of whole milk
• 2 whole eggs, plus
• 2 egg yolks, beaten
• 1⁄2 vanilla bean
• 2 tablespoons of dark rum
• 3/4 cup flour
• 1 cup sugar
• 2 tablespoons non-salted butter
• Some butter or spray oil for greasing the molds

1. The day before: boil the milk with the vanilla and butter.
2. Take off the heat, allow to cool VERY slightly.
3. Mix the flour and sugar together, then add the eggs and egg yolks, pour this mixture in the hot milk.
4. Gently mix in order to obtain a fluid and smooth mixture, like a pancake batter, let it cool, then add the rum.
5. Place it in the refrigerator for 24 hours up to 48 hours maximum.
6. When you are ready to bake the caneles: preheat the oven to 220C/450?F.
7. Butter the molds liberally.
8. Pour the batter in to the buttered caneles molds, they should be 3/4 full - NO more.
9. Place the molds on a baking sheet, and cook on high for 10 minutes, then lower the temperature to 175C/350F and continue cooking for 1 hour at least.
It depends on your oven, it can take up to 1 and a quarter hours! The tops will have a brown crust when they are ready, and they should still be moist inside.
10. Carefully unmold them whilst they are still hot. Allow them to cool.
11. Serve with tea or coffee for breakfast, or with a glass of wine or cognac in the late afternoon or evening.

Last modified on 24/06/2016

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