French Corner about Bretagne, the crepe recipe!

For the Chandeleur on February 2nd, a French celebration also called Crepe Day, French in the Kitchen co-founders, Cécile Penot-Dietrich and Françoise Matte, invited the Consulate General of France in Boston in their kitchen.


With this fun and short video, you will discover how to make crepes and galettes and you’ll know the difference between the two! You will also learn more about Chandeleur and you’ll get a few secrets of French cuisine and French wealth! It is "Super Simple" as Cécile said!!

Click on the link below to watch the video:

If you want to take classes and see for yourself how simple French cuisine can be, go to
French in the Kitchen website:



Bon Appétit!

Last modified on 24/02/2017

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