French Films in the Werner Schroeter Retrospective

Harvard Film Archive
24 Quincy Street, Cambridge
September 22 - 30, 2012

As part of the Werner Schoeter Restrospective organized by the Goethe Institute of Boston and the Harvard Film Archive, three of his films of French interest will be shown:

>> Love’s Debris
September 22, 7:00pm

Love’s Debris (Poussière d’Amour) is a film about the world of opera and the miracle and power of expression of the human voice, shown by a meeting with extraordinary singers. Writes the director: "The title of this film is based on a very deep conviction that what we express vocally is the product of our quest for a closer approach to the other."

>> Malina
September 29, 7:00pm

"Malina" - JPEGStarring Isabelle Huppert, Malina is an adaptation of the novel by the celebrated Austrian author Ingeborg Bachmann. Huppert’s character is an unnamed writer who escapes the confines of her comfortable life with her companion and the pressures of her career by beginning an affair with another man. Schroeter illustrates Bachmann’s investigation into the instability, if not the impossibility, of female subjectivity in a patriarchal world.

>> Goldflakes
September 30, 7pm

Goldflakes (Flocons d’Or) is the apotheosis of the director’s early career and a true underground film (none of the actors were paid, yet Schroeter still ended up deeply in debt). Shot in multiple languages, set in (a faked) Cuba, France, the Ruhr region and Bavaria, and structured in four acts, the film reflects on themes of fortune, destiny, and mortality.

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