General Information on France and the Francophone World

General Information sites on France and the Francophone world

- The intergovernmental organization of la francophonie
This sitekeeps people informed on news from the francophone world. They offer numerous online resources focused on the French-speaking world including reports, speeches, publications on different subjects and reference texts. The database includes more than 1200 free photographs.

- The French Cultural Portal
The website of the Ministère de la culture et de la communication gives access to a wide array of cultural resources through portals on art, film, music, and French language. Information on contemporary cultural issues, as well as on the digital age, heritage days, spring poets and music festivals are all available on this website.

-  Paris d’Enfants
The website "Paris d’enfants" is designed for parents and teachers. It allows children to visit Paris in an original way, through fun visits to museums and monuments.

- Educational Resources offered by the Embassy of France in Canada
The site of the Embassy of France in Canada has compiled a list of educational resources. There are links for teachers of FLE as well as for exploring the ways to learn French through poetry and music.

Last modified on 19/01/2019

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