Highly Skilled Worker (CARTE BLEUE EUROPEENNE)

List of supporting documents to be furnished if you are a highly skilled worker desiring to reside in France

- An employment contract for a period more than or equal to 12 months with an employer established in France and a gross annual salary equal to at least one and half times the average annual base salary fixed by the minister of Immigration

- A degree attesting to at least three years of higher education issued by a higher education institution recognised by the State, or any document attesting to professional experience of at least five years at a comparable level

- Duly completed CERFA form matching the status of the applicant, the position held and the salary threshold

- KBIS certificate (company registration) for a legal entity or an “artisan’s permit” (carte d’artisan) for a natural person

- Attestation of payment of dues and social security contributions to the organisation in charge of collecting them

- Copy of the degrees, certificates and diplomas obtained by the employee, curriculum vitae, work certificate(s) attesting to the applicant’s professional experience

Last modified on 20/04/2017

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