Issue 1 - February 2009

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of the French innovation newsletter, specially designed for our New England partners by the Office for Science and Technology of the French Consulate in Boston.

I would like to start by expressing our best wishes for the New Year 2009, which we hope will be full of scientific progress and collaborations.

So why providing this newsletter? Actually, since taking office in Sept. 2008, I have had the impression that we needed a regular feedback on our activities dedicated to building bridges between France and New England in the field of science and technology. This impression was confirmed after a few meetings with the Boston scientific and business communities and the recent survey conducted by my section among more than 3,000 contacts in New England. Most of you are interested in receiving news about science and technology in France together with practical information regarding the French Consulate Events and Initiatives for which our section is responsible.

The Boston section of the Office for science and technology in the US is basically tasked with three roles:
- To monitor advances in innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship
- To strengthen partnerships between our two countries
- To promote exchanges of students, researchers and entrepreneurs

The Boston section designed specific programs such as the flagships YEi Program("Young Entrepreneur Initiative") and FATTE("French-American Tech. Transfer Exchange Program). Other initiatives were launched by our section, such as the yearly seminar French-American Innovation Day. All in all, the Boston section is involved throughout the year in more than 50 events and initiatives...

France Tech Insight addresses all scientists and industries interested in both our initiatives and science and technology in France. It is our intention to liaise with you, so feel free to contact us and give us your feedback...

Antoine MYNARD
Attaché for Science and Technology

Click here to download the full issue of France Tech Insight #1
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France Tech Insight - February 2009
(PDF - 169.2 kb)

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