Issue 12 - February 2010

Dear Friends, Dear Readers,

I am delighted to introduce to you the new edition of the France Tech Insight, which since its first issue a year ago has constantly increased its readership and its impact on the scientific and entrepreneurial community of the Boston area. We thank you for the valuable insight we gained from your suggestions throughout this year and thus please, keep on doing it!

Inspired by your input, the February 2010 edition is showcasing a new layout and revamped sections. For us, this is a rather special edition, as this month’s highlights are rich in bilateral events and new developments. See for yourself:

- The NETVA program has just been launched with a nation-wide call for projects in France. An international jury will select the most promising early stage start-ups for and intensive entrepreneurial training and opportunity analysis week in Boston. The aim is to increase the global leadership of the French start-ups by familiarizing themselves with the US technology markets. Mentors Welcomed!

- The YEi’10 Results: with 34 candidates, bringing the total number of candidatures to 174 since its start, the Young Entrepreneurs Initiative Program (YEI) has an exceptional plan for its 2009-2010 edition : 10 projects for implantation in France have been selected and are running as of now !

- The MIT European Career Fair: with more than 100 personalized contacts, our Office participation in the 14th European Career Fair at MIT was an unique occasion to meet with promising researchers interrested by Europe in general and France most particularly.

- The Scientific Cafés of February and March 2010 will both feature exceptional francophone speakers. On February 16, Professors Pellenq and Ulm from MIT will speak about concrete, which is slated to become a high technology material after being considered for decades as having no technological potential. Then, on March 24, at the Residence of France, within the framework of the Semaine de la Francophonie, we will welcome Professor Libby for a talk in French on the heart attack prevention.

We can also mention that the 2010 edition of our flagship conference FAID will be organized this year with the Massachusetts Life Science Center. We will also keep you posted on the various French delegations visiting the area, like the one of the leading IT Cluster System@tic in April 2010.

With these projects and activities that demand a strong mobilization on the part of the Boston team, it is my hope to emphasize this action and engagement made to further the Franco-American collaboration in science and technology.

Do not hesitate to contact us ! You can reach Géraldine (YEI), Lynda (FAID, FATE, etc.), Yann (NETVA, etc.) or myself. Our team is fully dedicated to the development of sustainable and fruitful exchanges between the United States and France!

Antoine MYNARD
Attaché for Science and Technology

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