Issue 2 - March 2009

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second issue of the France Tech Insight, our monthly newsletter. First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you for the many friendly and encouraging messages we received following the release of the first issue on February.

This month, the main information regarding our activities has been the final selection committee of the fifth edition of the flagship program YEi (Young Entrepreneurs Initiative), which brought to 36 the total number of laureates awarded since the launch of the program in 2005. You will find below much more information on the YEi laureats along with other news specially addressed to our New England Partners.

In our "Innovation Actor of the Month series", we will present you the RETIS network, which regroups and catalyzes the actions of the French innovation actors, notably incubators, clusters, universities, research institutes, funding agencies and private investors.

The special features will these month focus on the new Arronax cyclotron, inaugurated last November and which will soon be operational and produce radioactive elements, mainly for the medical industry and research. Moreover, we will look closely at the Olivecrona award received by Dr. Bernard George for his long career dedicated to the vertebral artery surgery.

I wish you a very enriching reading and I look forward to reading or hearing from you shortly.

Warm regards,

Antoine MYNARD
Attaché for Science and Technology

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France Tech Insight - March 2009
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