La French Tech Boston officially kicked off on Monday June 4th, 2018!!

On Monday evening, Ambassador Gérard Araud launched la #FrenchTechBoston at Sanofi-Genzyme new headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

His Excellency, Ambassadeur Gérard Araud, gave a speech in front of more than 200 professionals, mainly from the cleantech, medtech, and biotech sectors.


Sanofi-Genzyme CEO, Bill Sibold, welcomed everyone.


In his speech, Ambassador Araud recalled that every year, trade between France and Massachusetts amounts to more than $1.4 billion, divided evenly between exports and imports and that out of the 600,000 jobs that French companies create in the U.S., close to 28,200 are in Massachusetts, making French companies the 3rd largest foreign employers in this state.

He also pointed out all of France’s assets and advantages, highlighting its deep-talent pool, its world-class infrastructure and that it is a highly creative, innovation-friendly business environment with Europe’s best R&D tax incentives and effective corporate tax rate on R&D operations.

Romain Marmot, President of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in New England and COO of Voluntis Inc, told the assembly about the genesis of the French Tech Boston.



The French Tech Boston delegation, already representing more than 60 French entrepreneurs established in the Greater Boston area, made the following statement:

"-* 1: France is famous for its great wines, tasty cheeses, exquisite luxury brands, and its fast trains

  • 2: We want France to become famous for its daring entrepreneurs and its amazing tech start-ups
  • 3: We are FrenchTech Boston
  • 4: We are more than 60 French entrepreneurs and C-level executives in tech start-ups with global or US headquarters in New England
  • 5: some of us are CEOs of traded companies, some of us are CEOs of companies that exist only in their garage
  • 6: all of us have big dreams, strong grit and incredible talent
  • 7: we collectively represent thousands of jobs in New England, and tens of thousands globally
  • 8: our companies’ cumulative sales are close to a billion dollars and we have collectively raised more than a billion dollars
  • 9: our companies break new ground in MedTech, Travel, Big Data, AI, Finance, Transportation, IoT, Marketing, Waste Management, HR, and any other sector where we can bring disruption and innovation
  • 10: We are FrenchTech Boston
  • 11: We will organize events for the Boston tech community, and make sure French companies are well represented in the events others organize
  • 12: We will help put Boston on the tech map back home, where everybody knows about the Silicon Valley, but few know about the great start-up eco-system we have here in Boston
  • 13: We will help put France on the map within the Boston tech eco-system and not only for the quality of the parties we’ll throw
  • 14: We will work together with the local institutions that already do a great job helping the entrepreneurship ecosystem: the Consulate General of France, the French American Chamber of Commerce, Business France and the French Foreign Trade Advisors that are part of the same French Tech team and have agreed to support our initiative
  • 15: We will welcome every new French tech entrepreneurs to the area, and make sure they can succeed the way we have
  • 16: We will invite our President, Emmanuel Macron to come to Boston, the same way he visited Silicon Valley - and make sure he tastes Clam Chowder
  • 17: We will create jobs in New England, we will create wealth for the US, and we will give back to this wonderful part of the world they call America
  • 18: We will take risks, surprise you, and exceed your expectations
  • 19: We are FrenchTech Boston !!!

If you are yourself a French entrepreneur considering starting your business or your US affiliate in New England, a member of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, a journalist, or any individual interested in our initiative, you can go to: to get in touch with us."

Long live La French Tech Boston!!

Last modified on 08/06/2018

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