Lecture in French by the Consul General on November 5th at 7pm

Mr. Christophe Guilhou, Consul General of France in Boston, will open up the lecture series presented by the Université Populaire de Boston, with a talk devoted to the Middle East, where he worked for several years.

Le Moyen Orient: Une région complexe et fascinante with Mr. Christophe Guilhou, Consul General of France in Boston
Lecture in French
Location: MIT Stata Center (32 Vassar Street, Cambridge MA) Thursday, November 5th, 7:00pm

Launched nearly 3 nears ago by Michel Onfray, l’Université Populaire de Boston aims to offer quality lectures and seminars in French that are free and accessible to all, and open to public discussion. Hosting events throughout the year, you can learn more about l’Université Populaire on their website or by contacting Francine Milesi at fnmilesi@gmail.com

Last modified on 30/10/2009

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