New rules for biometrics visas

Due to the introduction of the biometric visa (the taking of digital fingerprints) anyone seeking a visa must appear in person at the Consulate. Requests by mail cannot be accepted.

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

1 - The first step is the creation of your file. Attentively read the pages concerning visas on the Consulate’s website, all of which apply for people resident in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island.

2 – Once the file is complete, make an appointment through our website.

3 – Please note that this appearance is obligatory for any person requesting a visa and that requests by mail are not accepted.

4 – Once you are here, the visa department will proceed by taking your digital fingerprints.

5 – A photo will also be taken

6 – If your file is complete, the typical delivery time is within 3 days for visas of less than 3 months, if they do not need further authorization. If further authorization is needed, a delay of at least two weeks is needed to treat the request.

7 – Fees for visa requests

Fees are to be paid upon submitting your visa request. This payment guarantees that your request will be processed, but does not guarantee that you will receive a visa.

There will no further fees once the visa has been granted. The submission fee applies to all types of visa applications, with the exception of official and diplomatic visas.

Payment can be made by credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD). Payment is in U.S. Dollars. This fee varies regularly according to the exchange rate between the euro and dollar.

There will be neither partial nor total reimbursement of fees if the visa is refused, or if the duration of the visa is shorter than the duration requested.

Documents to submit :

The original documents must be shown to the visa agent on the day of your appointment, but only photocopies of these documents will be kept to process.

In the event that original documents are lost, this Consulate is not able to be held liable.

Delays for procedure and appearance

a) Wait Time for Processing

For short-term visa requests, visas are usually issued within 3 days.

However, typical wait time for issuing a visa is about 15 days for people coming from the following countries:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bahrain, Burma, Burundi, Congo DRC, North Korea, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, Guinea, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Tunisia, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe, and also “US Re-entry permit US Refugee travel document".

For long-stay visa requests, the delay is about 2 months, no matter what nationality; except for students, for whom the delay is reduced to about 3 weeks.

b) Appearing in Person

You must present yourself in person at the Consulate General of France in Boston. Your apointment has to done online.

c) The request must be submitted in the country of residence, and the visa must be obtained before your departure.

Last modified on 06/11/2009

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