Pictures of the COP21 Instagram Concours [fr]

Discover the pictures that were send for the COP21 Instagram Concours by student in New-England! The theme "Water, bridges and shores" have inspired them during all december and here are what came out of it!

At the occasion of the UN Paris Climate Change Conference, COP21 that happened in Paris last December, The Mission culturelle et universitaire française aux Etats-Unis organized an Instagram concours for students engaged in middle-school, high-schools and colleges in New-England and here is the results, their pictures over the theme of "Water, bridges and shores", as water emerged to be central in climate change.

The Winner will be announced soon, but, for the moment, see yourself the high quality of our participants!

We would also like to thanks the 50 and more participants of our challenge for their hard work and aknowledge the quality of their work, we were truly impressed!

You can see all the pictures in competition here


Last modified on 02/02/2016

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