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The Waring School in Beverly

The Waring School is a co-educational liberal arts school for students in grades 6-12. The School’s endeavor is to create and sustain a community of lifelong learners, willing to work together for the common good. Founded in 1972 with a learning community approach to schooling in mind, by the French-Americans Philip and Josee Waring, the School is located in the town of Beverly, Massachusetts, in the midst of 32 acres of beautiful land. The Waring School upholds high academic standards. It is an institution where it is believed that rigorous study, self-motivation, and great expectations may lead but to strong, well-rounded individuals with the highest sense of responsibility. This is one of the many reasons why French is the only mandatory foreign language taught at the School. At Waring, French is more than an academic subject. All classes of French, from beginners through advanced learners, are conducted entirely in French by native or near-native speakers. This is a rare and highly effective approach to language acquisition which, since it concentrates on oral conversation, francophone culture, and the discovery of untranslated French cinema and literature, enables the students to become nearly fluent by the end of their seven-year Waring curriculum. Lastly, the School’s College Placement rate is remarkable. Interested? Pay the school a visit:

Waring School
35 Standley St
Beverly, MA 01915
The Waring School Website

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