Reference sites of FLE (Français Langue Etrangère)

The website offers educational internships in France, and a directory of 50 French foreign language centers. is an FLE service, available in English, that provides various interactive forms allowing visitors of all levels to study the French language and various topics in French.

- French in the World
This is the magazine of the International Federation of French Teachers. It offers a schedule of different activities on the French language in the world. This site also provides internship and job opportunities, links to websites and blogs that may be interesting for French teachers. A subscription is necessary to view the available teaching notes. Click here to visit the website.

-  Le Centre d’approche vivante des langues et des médias (CAVILAM)
CAVILAM is an association created by the Universités de Clermont-Ferrand and the city of Vichy. Every year they receive interns from more than 110 nationalities and they contribute to innovation in teaching material for language instruction. They also provide workshops and training for French teachers as well as a website with teaching materials.

Last modified on 19/01/2019

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