Resource Centers for Teachers is a free educational website designed for teachers and students of all levels. Conceived by the French Embassy in the U.S. and in collaboration with the Delegation of French Alliance and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this site’s objective is to provide easily available resources for all U.S. French teachers.

Whether you teach in an American or French institution or for the French Alliance, you can find information on training and scholarly exchanges as well as French exams, and available scholarships.


Franc-parler is a website from the International Organization of Francophones (OIF). The website offers information on current events related to French culture as well as tools to promote French news in class. For example, in the folder titled, "Poertry" on the website there are PDF files that provide teachers with teaching methods on how to address the issues in classrooms. and French tools being mobilized. Documents such as the folder "Poetry" offers teachers PDF files to address the issue in class, as well as a corpus of texts that advice and teaching methods.

Resource Centers for French Teachers in the United States

These online resources offer seminars for teachers, teaching materials, and other important documents for French teachers:

- France Synergies : the French Resource Center at UW-Madison
This center supports projects that work to further French learning and awareness of francophone cultures. It strives to develop educational and cultural relations with France and promote innovative teaching practices.

- Rutgers Resource Center for the teaching of French
This center was created by the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the U.S. and Rutgers University following an agreement between the French government and the state of New Jersey. The center’s website offers various teaching resources available to all U.S. French teachers.

- Projet PFC (Phonology of Contemporary French)
This site is meant for people of all levels of French: teachers, beginners and researchers. There are a wide range of interactive resources available including examples of French discussions and French grammar. These worksheets will help people of all levels of French.

- Educational Resources offered by the Embassy of France in Canada
The site of the Embassy of France in Canada has compiled a list of educational resources. There are links for teachers of FLE as well as for exploring the ways to learn French through poetry and music.

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