SALARIE EN MISSION on a work contract in France

List of supporting documents to be furnished if you are an employee on secondment on a work contract in France desiring to reside in France

- Duly completed CERFA 15187/01 form mentioning the position held and the salary threshold

- Work contract with the company established on French territory attesting to a salary equal to at least 1.8 times the SMIC (index-linked guaranteed minimum wage)

- Proof of seniority in the group or company established outside France for a period of at least three months

- Recent KBIS certificate (company registration) of the company or the group’s office hosting the employee in France

- Certificate of secondment from the social security services or an affidavit of the application for registration under the French social security system

- A letter providing details of the duties to be discharged and the aim of the assignment to be carried out

- Proof of payment of dues and social security contributions to the organisation in charge of collecting them

Last modified on 20/04/2017

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