Save French Castles!

This spring 2016 has been particularly wet, and some of the most beautiful castles in the Loire Valley have been damaged by floods. Owners and volunteers need help to restore them and open them to the public again. You can help!

The French Heritage Society is a non-profit American organization?created in 1982 that includes 11 chapters in the US and one in France. Through various activities and an educational program, this organization is dedicated to preservation, restoration and promotion of the beautiful French heritage throughout the United States and France. Fostering Franco-American friendship and cross-cultural exchange is also one of its main objectives.

In spring 2016, the French Heritage Society launched the Flood Damaged Châteaux Campaign to come to the aid of owners facing the most severe flooding in decades in France, menacing chateaus and historic sites across the country. Both public and private chateaus are suffering, from the iconic Château de Chambord (above) to countless private chateaus. Your generosity will enable urgent restoration work begin. The Château de Chambord can be visited at:, don’t miss out one of the most beautiful and iconic castles from the Loire Valley!


Follow this link to donate: Flood Damaged Chateau Campaign

30 years of restoration under water

The Château de la Ferté Saint Aubin in the Loiret was one of many properties throughout France evacuated by its owners as flood waters engulfed the estate. Making the devastation even more poignant, restoration work had been on-going over the past 30 years. Its park, cellars, and outbuildings are covered in over three feet of water. Bridges leading to the chateau are under intense pressure due to the flooding. Once the water recedes, the clearing, cleaning and restoring of the chateau will begin.

The chateau’s owner is only 25 and is very committed to maintaining this historic estate. He is part of the Guyot family, whose members dedicated their life to the restauration of French castles. In 1979, two brothers, Jacques and Michel Guyot, started renovating the château Saint-Fargeau (Burgundy). In 1987 Jacques continued with the Chateau de la Ferté Saint Aubin, which is now owned by one of his sons. With his wife, Jacques also brought back to life the Chateau of Bridoire. Today, their children are walking in the steps of their parents, managing the Chateau de Beaumesnil, the Domaine de Vaux and the Chateau de Landal.

To learn more about this incredible adventure, have a look at their website: Ferté St Aubin

Last modified on 21/07/2016

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