September 16 - Lecture in French by Robert Darnton: "Google, les bibliothèques, et l’avenir du livre"

Residence of the Consul Général
194 Brattle Street in Cambridge

September 16 at 6:30pm


LECTURE IN FRENCH, followed by a cocktail reception.

Robert Darnton, the Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the University Library at Harvard, will present a lecture on Google, Libraries and the Future of Books at this special Cafe des Sciences, co-sponsored by the Office of Science and Technology and the Cultural Service of the French Consulate.

Professor Darnton has reported for the New York Times, taught for more than 20 years at Princeton, and serves as a trustee of the New York Public Library and Oxford University Press (USA). This renowned historian specialized in French modern history has published numerous books on his research. "An eloquent writer and one of the world’s foremost historians of the book." Publishers Weekly Photo: Front cover of "The Case for Books: Past, Present and Future" by Robert Darnton (Public Affairs, 2009).

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