Six French innovative entrepreneurs in Boston for the NETVA immersion week!

On October 17th, the Consulate General of France in Boston and its partners in New England welcomed 6 French young and innovative entrepreneurs selected by the 2016 NETVA program!

The?New Technology Venture Accelerator (NETVA)?is a program of?preparation?and?exposure to high-tech US markets for young innovative French companies. It is run by the Office for Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the USA in 4 locations:?Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC and Toronto. Every year, about 20 French startups are selected through a national competition and benefit from a preparation to the North American markets: a 3-days training seminar in France in June, mentoring during the summer, and an intense immersion week in October (workshops, personalized meetings, networking events…).


The Consul General, Valery Freland, hosted a cocktail reception at the Residence of France to welcome six of them. Several representatives of the French Team in New England (the French American Chamber of Commerce of New England, the French Tech Hub, Business France and the French Foreign Trade Advisors) attended the event, as well as Assistant Secretary of Business Development at The Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing & and Economic Development Nam Pham.

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Nam Pham and Valery Freland
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From top to bottom, left to right: Jean-Jacques Yarmoff (Consulate’s Attaché for Science and Technology), Jean-Benoît Cariou (Consulate’s Deputy Science Attaché - Innovation & Entrepreneurship), Charles-Henry Dion (Business France), Isabelle Estebe (French Foreign Trade Advisor), Marie Buhot-Launey (French Tech Hub) and Steve Eichel (FACCNE)

Each laureate was then asked to present his innovative start-up before the audience.

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From top to bottom, left to right: Olivier Kitten, Antoine Dupont, Pascal Descargues, Olivier Clatz, Idriss Boumaza and François Faure.

Here is a short presentation of our six laureates. Congratulations to them!


Genoskin provides ex vivo human skin biopsies in a ready-to-use testing kit to predict human response to drugs, chemicals, active ingredients and medical devices. This technology is an alternative to animal experiments.

Antoine DUPONT ‎- Co-Founder & CEO @ AUXIVIA
Auxivia develops smart services for nursing homes to enhance elders care giving and provide reliable data to medical staff and managers. Their first service, based on connected drinking glasses, automates the reporting and traceability of elders’ hydration in nursing homes.

Olivier KITTEN ‎- Founder & CEO @ AFFILOGIC
Affilogic is a drug-discovery company focusing on a new class of affinity proteins called Nanofitins, that can bind to any biological target with high affinity, but are so stable that topical or oral administration are possible.

Idriss BOUMAZA - Co-Founder & VP @ EQUISENSE
Equisense is born from start-ups founders’ conviction that technology can help riders perform better and take efficient care of their horses, so that riding is a pleasure for both. They created a small electronic device that fits under the saddle, close to the horse’s belly, and capture the horse’s reaction, heart beat etc. It transmits all data automatically to your phone.

Their products are designed for healthcare professionals who need 3D digital clones of their patients to design treatments using numerical simulation, and to design medical devices such as orthoses and prostheses using 3D printing.

Olivier CLATZ - Co-Founder & CEO @ THERAPIXEL
Our product: a medical image interpretation service, cheaper and more reliable than the current radiologist-based system. Our vision: most medical images will be diagnosed by AI algorithms in the future. Radiologist will be engaged in the process to perform quality control of the algorithm results.

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