The Café des Entrepreneurs [fr]

The Café des Entrepreneurs is an event organized every two months in Boston where several guests, an entrepreneur and one or several elevator pitches, are interviewed by a moderator and answer the questions of the audience. It also an opportunity to network and exchange for francophile and francophone entrepreneurs, investors and professionals based in New-England.

Created in 2013 by a team of French business partners based in Boston (Consulate, FACCNE, CCEF, French Tech Hub), the Café des Entrepreneurs aims at sharing one’s experience, stimulating new career prospects and promoting closer ties between the business actors of the New-England ecosystem.

Previous Cafés:

Café des Entrepreneurs #17
Invité: Philippe Wanstok, CCO at CVRx Inc
Elevator pitch: BeWell Connect, Biowear et Biomodex

Café des Entrepreneurs #16
Special Edition
What Can We Learn From Women Entrepreneurs?
Elevator pitch: Rita Balian Allen - President of Rita B. Allen Associates, Anna Bautista - Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending at Boston Private Bank, Trish Cotter - Associate Managing Director and Director of the MIT delta v educational accelerator at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, Stella Karavas - co-Founder, CEO, CFO of Voltree Power, Inc. and President of The Pure Greek Olive Co., Sophie Koenig-Rodriguez - Founder of TransAtlantique, Founder of FACCNE’s Women in Business Network!

Café des Entrepreneurs #15
Invité: Jean-Pierre Sommadossi, Ph.D, CEO of Atea Pharmaceuticals
Elevator pitch: 20 startups selected by Big Booster will attend as well as representatives of the City of Lyon, France

Café des Entrepreneurs #14
How to make it in the US as an entrepreneur?
Elevator pitch: 6 of the most promising French startups which have won the NETVA 2016 national competition, plus some of the 10 French MIT Innovators Under 35 awarded by the MIT Technology Review!

Café des Entrepreneurs #13
Invité: Jerome Windsor, VP Business Development Median Technologies
Elevator pitch: Anne-Fleur Andrle, Directof of AMA, Didier Colin de Casaubon, Fondateur et CEO MathUpBox

Café des Entrepreneurs #12
Guest: Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna
Elevator pitch: Eirk Huneker, from DIABELOOP, Timothée Saumet, CTO of TILKEE, and Stéphanie Le Beuze, Managing Director at ECHY.

Café des Entrepreneurs #11
Guest: Eric Stevenson, Director of Aldebaran US
Five of the French 2015 Innovators Under 35: David Cohen-Tanugi , Nicolas Huchet, Romain Lacombe, Mathieu Nebra, Stanislaw Ostoostarzewski.
Video of the Café:

Café des Entrepreneurs #10
Guest: Johannes Fruehauf, M.D., Ph.D., Directeur de Lab Central
Elevator pitch: Sébastien Goiffon, founder & CEO of GB & SMITH
Video of the Café:

Café des Entrepreneurs #9
Guest: Daniel Serfaty, Founder of Aptima
Elevator pitch: Jérôme Windsor, Median Technologies and Johnny Hujol, WOO Sports
Video of the Café:

Café des Entrepreneurs #8
Guest: Philippe Schwartz, President of Withings Inc
Elevator pitch: Philippe Perut, SES America and Damien Balsan, Looppay
Video of the Café:

Café des Entrepreneurs #7:
Guest: Clément Cazalot, Co-Founder and CEO of docTrackr
Elevator pitch: Pierre-Louis Theron , Founder and CEO of StreamRoot and Romain Marmot, Co-Founder and CEO of Voluntis
Video of the Café:

Café des Entrepreneurs 6:
Guest: Jérôme Malavoy, Founder and CEO of Trace One
Elevator pitch: Lamiaâ Bounahmidi, Looly’s and Alban Maino, Dreamlands Media
Video of the Café:

More videos on the YouTube Channel of the Consulate General of France in Boston

Café des Entrepreneurs #1 à #5: visit the website of the Café des Entrepreneurs.

Café des Entrepreneurs #5:
IGuest: Tristan Jehan - Co-Founder of The Echo Nest
Elevator pitch: Jean Manuel Sobarzo, Founder and CEO of Lexington Biomedical and Joel Berniac , Founder and CEO of Akrivis Technologies

Café des Entrepreneurs #4:
Guest: Jacky Robert, chef et co-owner of Le Petit Robert Bistro
Elevator pitch: Aymeric Vigneras, Founder and CEO of Sharalike and Sébastien Christian, CEO of OtoSense.

Café des Entrepreneurs #3
Guest: Bernard Malfroy-Camine, Ph.D., president and CEO of MindSet Rx
Elevator pitch: Thierry Hubert, CEO of Darwin Ecosystem et Philippe Clemenceau, Founder and manager of Axiom Optics

Café des Entrepreneurs #2:
Guest: Jean (John) Rauscher, CEO of Yseop
Elevator pitch: Anette Vandeloo, Fouder and co-CEO of Powerling Serge Munnia-Vincent, Fouder of DAG-SYSTEMS

Café des Entrepreneurs #1
Guest: Stephane Dietrich, Adobe Campaign Americas


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