The French Naval Academy (French Corner about Bretagne)

As part of our French Corner about Bretagne, discover the French Naval Academy! French explorer Jacques-Yves Coustaud and world-known sailor Eric Tabarly are some of its famous alumni!
Did you know that study abroad programs are organized between the US Naval Academy and the French Naval Academy? Read below for more info!

The Ecole Navale, the French Naval Academy, was founded in 1830 and was originally based on ships anchored in the harbor of Brest, in Brittany. Since the end of World War II, it is located ashore in nearby Lanvéoc-Poulmic.


This military school is in charge of the education of the officers of the French Navy. They are meant to have responsibilities on board ships, submarines and naval aviation. Among the alumni students are some men of exception: explorer Savorgnan de Brazza, pioneer of marine conservation Jacques Cousteau, winner of the 1064 Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race Éric Tabarly or philosopher Michel Serres.

The students follow a three-year training. During the first year, they learn everything about navigation and the management of a war ship. The second year is devoted to military leadership and team building, as these students will have to take on the command of their soldiers. Finally, they receive a scientific training focused on mechanics, energies and data management. This scientific education benefits from the presence on campus of a research institute (the IRENav). The last semester is the occasion for the students to use everything they learnt before, as they are incorporated as interns onboard of different ships and submarines of the French Navy.

At the end of their training at the Ecole Navale, students can choose between different careers. Some officers will be in charge of the technical and energetic issues on ships, and others, also graduating as engineers from the Ecole Navale, will master aeronautics for planes and helicopters.


The Ecole Navale supports international cooperation by encouraging its students to spend a semester at a foreign military academy or university, in Europe, in the United States or in Japan. In particular, the school works with the US Navy, welcoming some of its members on campus and sending some students to American naval forces.
Numerous foreign researchers and PhD students work in its research institute, the IRENav, and some German, Spanish, American and English officers now can integrate the educational team.


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