The IHEE Visits Boston

What is the IHEE?
The Institute of Higher Learning in Business is a training program designed for future leaders whether it be in of public or private enterprises, in the political world, or in organizations (like unions or other professional sectors).
JPEGThe IHEE brings together a different set of professionals each year. In attendance are about 40 professionals from various sectors such as officials from various government ministries (Economy and Finance, Labor, General Financial Inspection etc); journalists from prominent national and regional medias, newspapers as well as online and audiovisiual; and elected members of local or national levels from various political parties.
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The trip to Boston
The program of the IHEE constitutes about 20 days spread through out in the year and constitute seminars or trips meant to enrich the studies of its members. The conferences and trips are meant to explore the relationship of enterprises with the phenomenon of globalization.

During their visit to Boston the members of the 2013 IHEE group met the General Consul of France. He presented them the role and action of the Consulate in the Boston region, specifically its role in the economic sector.

JPEG Over the course of their stay, the members of the IHEE met various high ranking French government officials who presented to them the macroeconomic context of the United States as well as the environment for innovation. They also visited various enterprises in the biotech business sector, both leaders in the field like Genzyme and Dassault Systems and start-up companies. Tours of Harvard and MIT complimented these meetings.

Last modified on 03/06/2013

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