Until January 4- Daguerre’s American Legacy

Daguerre’s American Legacy: Photographic Portraits (1840-1900) from the Wm. B. Becker Collection

April 18, 2014 - January 4, 2015
MIT Museum
265 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA

Photography, invented by the French painter, showman and experimenter Louis Daguerre, was a transformative technology that impacted Americans in all walks of life.

Provocative, thoughtful and sometimes haunting, the portraits in this exhibition of 19th century Americans portray men, women and children during an era when new photographic technologies were just becoming accessible and popular. This is the first stop in the United States for over 200 images made using a variety of techniques, from the collection of William B. Becker, a noted collector of early photography.

For more information on the exhibit visit: http://web.mit.edu/museum/exhibitions/daguerreotype.html

Last modified on 18/08/2014

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