Until July 19th: Company Wang Ramirez Bows to Standing Ovation at Jacob’s Pillow Debut

July 15-19, 2015-French dancer Sébastien Ramirez delighted crowds at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival as part of the Company Wang Ramirez.

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival is lauded worldwide as a "hub and mecca of dancing" (TIME Magazine), "one of America’s most precious cultural assets" (Mikhail Baryshnikov), and "the dance center of the nation" (The New York Times). "The Pillow" is a 220-acre National Historic Landmark,?a recipient of the prestigious National Medal of Arts, and home to America’s longest-running international dance festival. On March 2, 2011, President Obama honored Jacob’s Pillow with a National Medal of Arts, the highest arts award given by the United States Government.


Monchichi, an original creation of Company Wang Ramirez, features the dynamic duo formed by Frenchman Sébastien Ramirez and German dancer Honji Wang. By artistically blending hip-hop, contemporary dance, and unique stage design, this touching theatrical production questions intercultural differences within relationships in order to expose the duel themes of alienation and the search for identity and love.


The incorporation of many different artistic styles reflects the diverse dance backgrounds of the Company: Sebastien Ramirez, a Frenchman with Spanish roots, started out as a b-boy whereas Wang, a German woman with Korean roots, was classically trained in ballet, contemporary, and urban dance styles. Both artists, however, share a love of other dance styles and a great interest in experimentation. Through the exploration of cultural influences, they create a new physical language at once virtuosic, poetic, and humorous, in a constant search for the ways to bridge the gap between artistic worlds that seem too far apart to ever meet.

Dynamic duo Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang with French Consulate’s Eric Jausseran

A reception was organized to thank performers and supporters who have participated in the 83rd season of Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. The French Cultural Services in Boston and New York were happy to support The Pillow again this year.

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival: http://jacobspillow.org/
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