WWI Commemoration & Resource Website

If you are interested in the subject of World War I, an excellent group exists which offers a rich and perfectly designed website, www.centenaire.org, to give all of the necessary information pertaining to the events that occurred within France and around the world! Both throughout France and abroad, there are more than 1000 groups who have received the distinctive qualification of “Le Label Centenaire.”

JPEG The ambition of the site www.centenaire.org is to present its users with the resources about both the practical and historical aspect of these major and memorable events. It offers extraordinary videos in conjunction with slideshows and documents of all types and conjointly scheduled events. This is aimed at all audiences who are passionately interested in these vivid memories of the years between 1914-1918. These lectures are conferred by both teachers and history enthusiasts alike.

On the label of the commission, the column on the right side, is a downloadable timeline in for this celebration opening in 2014 and lasting until 2018. At this time, only the record for 2014 is currently available.

Be aware: the website is accessible in three languages, however, the programs are only available in French.

Last modified on 01/05/2014

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