Where to take the baccalaureate exam


French Baccalaureate

The baccalaureate is a diploma of the French educational system which sanctions the end of secondary studies and opens the door to university study in France.

If you wish to take the French baccalaureat as an independent student in the United States, you must contact the Exam Service of Rochambeau High School in Washington
(contact: Anne May, telephone (301) 530 8260).

In New England, you can prepare for the baccalaureate diploma at the International School of Boston. It is also possible to prepare for the diploma by taking the long-distance course with the CNED (in French only).

International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is an international program of pre-university studies, available in French, English and Spanish. Its objective is to put into place a common program of study and the opportunity to study in universities in various countries. This diploma allows students in general to satisfy the requirements of their national education programs.

For more information, consult the IB website.

Note: The tests for this baccalaureate are not related to the French program. This is a foreign diploma which does not automatically provide entry into French universities.
To prepare for this diploma in New England:

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