How to obtain a health pass in case of vaccination abroad?

Since the 9th of August 2021, a health pass is mandatory to access certain events and places to minimize the risk of contamination by the Covid-19 virus. This measure applies from the age of 12 years throughout France.


The health pass ("pass sanitaire" in french) consists of the presentation of a vaccination certificate (on the condition of having a complete vaccination scheme with a vaccine recognized by the European Medicines Agency or equivalent to these vaccines), a negative test certificate or a recovery certificate. It consists of a QR Code, in digital or paper format.

To allow non-European Union nationals visiting France to use their vaccination to access events and places where the health pass is mandatory, pharmacists can now issue a vaccine equivalency health pass.

Who can apply for a vaccine equivalency health pass?

To get a vaccine equivalency health pass, the following conditions need to be respected:

  • Not having been vaccinated in one of the following countries: European Union member states, Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Northern Macedonia, Morocco, Monaco, Norway, Panama, United Kingdom, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, or the Vatican.
  • Be at least 12 years old
  • Having been vaccinated with a vaccinated scheme that is recognized in France, as described below:


How can I get a vaccine equivalency health pass?

To get a vaccine equivalency health pass, the non-European Union nationals (except students who can apply for a health pass here) need to present the following documents:

  • A passport
  • The original vaccination certificate in paper format

These mandatory documents must include, in a legible way, the last name, first name, date of birth as well as the date of vaccination, the used vaccine, the number of doses injected and the country of vaccination.

Where can I get a vaccine equivalency health pass?

The procedure to get a vaccine equivalency health pass can be done directly in pharmacies. The pharmacies offering this service are listed here. (Scroll down to map to find the list of pharmacies.)

How much does the procedure of getting a vaccine equivalency health pass cost?

The procedure of getting a vaccine equivalency can be invoiced for a maximum amount of 36 € (incl. VAT)

Last modified on 05/11/2021

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